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Speak Now:  An Introduction to Presentation Skills and Collection of Speeches by Julius Adewunmi

“Speak Now” is a program crafted by coach and consultant, Julius Adewunmi. This handbook explores your awareness as a speaker, of yourself, and your audience. It identifies the different types of presentations, takes you through how to put your presentations together, guides you through the dynamics of your delivery, and explores your challenges in becoming an excellent, authentic, compelling speaker- all with a very strong awareness of the multicultural influences of self, gender, audience, and environment .  As a bonus, included are a few of the author's presentations, keynote speeches, and articles. This book was adapted for online delivery in 90-minute segments and will accommodate the needs of those that wish to aspire to their speaking and presentation excellence. As we found our way through our material, we developed handbooks that would elaborate upon the presentation skills and basic vocal skills that we teach and coach in the workshop.

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